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The society was founded in 1969 by Marguerite-Marie Dubois and Jean Robert Simon, who were both professors at Sorbonne University.

It brings together teachers and researchers with an interest in Medieval England in all its aspects: historical, literary, linguistic...


AMAES publishes a journal, BAM, which releases two issues every year (summer and winter).

We also publish a book per year, which may be a single work or a collection of essays.

All members of AMAES receive BAM and the yearly volume.


Since its foundation in 1969, AMAES has been a daughter society of the SAES (French Higher Education Society for English Studies), which is the largest national English Studies society in Europe. See the SAES page for more information on its daughter societies.


The annual meeting of the society now takes place in September. The exact time and place is given in our calendar and on our news feed as soon as it is known.


AMAES organises monthly seminars where members read and translate extracts from medieval manuscripts (in Old or Middle English). Our meetings take place on Saturday mornings at Maison de la Recherche (28, rue Serpente, 75006 Paris). To know the dates of the next seminars, check our calendar or our news feed.


Current AMAES officers :

President: Martine Yvernault (2017-20)

Vice-president: Colette Stévanovitch (2017-20)

Vice-president: Florence Bourgne (2017-18)

Secretary: Nolwena Monnier (2016-19)

Secretary: Catherine Delesse (2015-18)

Treasurer: Claire Vial (2016-19)